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Learn how to decorate your garage doors! These posts will help you keep garage doors safe, functional and pretty.

Small Parts That Need Attention

We tend to overlook the needs of small garage door parts which are often out of sight, or are merely there to reinforce the security of other components.

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Get Openers Complying with UL 325 Standards

The UL 325 regulations regarding garage door openers are not new. Actually they are twenty years old but as important as the first day the federal legislation was formed.

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When To Repair Your Garage Door

Usually, it will be pretty easy to tell when your garage door is in need of repair. It may not open or close correctly or when you do open or close it, it is not very smooth. If opening and closing is difficult, it is a sign that there is something wrong.

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Ordering a garage door

The latest technology trends have played a very great role in the methods that are commonly used in purchasing a garage door. Gone are the days when one had to travel long distances and visit store after store just to see different garage doors prices.

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