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Can I paint my garage door?

Most wooden garage doors are factory primed and they should be painted on all sides even before they are installed. Steel garage doors also need extra care while painting and never use an oil based paint on them as they should be painted only with a good quality latex exterior paint. It's better to paint them early in the morning as they tend to dry unevenly in the sunlight.

Should I get clickers or keypads?

The choice of whether to choose wireless garage door keypads or clickers depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. The best news is that both work with rolling code technologies and that means that they are safe. If you want to enter the digital era, go for the keypads but remotes are equally reliable.

Can my door be locked even when I go for holidays?

You can manually lock them by placing slide bolt locks. Just make sure that your garage door opener is unplugged. The newer garage door openers have a vacation mode that you can make use of when you go on holidays. Just check the manual to see how you can activate the vacation mode.

Should I replace the fasteners?

Fasteners should be replaced if they are rusty or damaged. In a different case, they only need tightening and some lubricants occasionally. Of course, if you replace the garage door parts, you should replace their fasteners, too. Even if the old ones are in good condition, they are still old. Our technicians can offer advice and service.

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