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Small Parts That Need Attention

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

We tend to overlook the needs of small garage door parts which are often out of sight, or are merely there to reinforce the security of other components. This is a common mistake and at times it can be a dangerous one. Consider what will happen if all brackets and hinges will suddenly loosen up. The door will probably collapse and if the door doesn't fall, other parts will. So, what are these small friends we know little about but they make sure our overhead door is stable and moves properly?


Which are the small parts and why they are important?


The supporting parts are extremely important. Brackets will hold the safety cable secured on the wall. They will ensure the stability and alignment of tracks. They will allow the torsion spring to rotate with safety, and will keep the opener tightened to the angle iron. Garage door hinges have the same importance since they will make sure the swing hung door will be stable and open/close well balanced and properly. They will keep the panels of sectional doors bound together.


All these parts ensure that other parts remain secured, and that's why they must be checked often for rust and damages as well as chosen properly. Their size will play a major role to the stability of the door. At times, their material is of the utmost importance since it will determine how well other parts are secured against the wall. Strong winds and hurricanes can blow the door away if its tracks are not secured with multiple garage door brackets of low steel gauge. Such necessities make the existence of these small parts extremely significant.


Of course, these parts are in turn secured by other smaller parts. Fasteners have equal significance and that's why they must be tightened. If not, brackets and hinges will loosen up. Most definitely, lubrication maintenance is extremely vital for these mechanical parts.


On the other hand, there are parts of the garage door opener which are often neglected as well. Take the lamps, for example. We all give attention to the motor and sensors, rightfully too. Though, a small component such as the lamp of the electric unit will ensure your safe entrance. The release cord will make sure the opener is disconnected and someone entrapped under the door is freed. All parts need attention and certainly the small ones, too!


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