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Garage Door Maintenance

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The garage door is one of the major components of a home which needs proper maintenance to keep it functional. As the old adage goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’, the principle applies equally to this important part of the house. Our expertise in handling garage door maintenance, adjustment and regularly maintenance lubrication helps us serve our customers’ optimum satisfaction. The wide range of our services includes providing custom made solutions as per the customer requirement.Garage Door Maintenance


The garage door is usually made up of wood or metal components

Usually metallic doors have longer working life than wooden ones, but in term of costs involved, metallic doors need much higher investment in comparison to the wooden garage doors. Wood requires repainting to protect it from inclement weather conditions such as direct sunlight and moisture.  A bent surface hampers the way the garage door moves in upward and downward directions and may create imbalance in the operating mechanism. Metallic doors possess higher longevity but need repainting to keep them rust free. A fully functional nice garage door adds to the property value and gives an appealing look to the property.


Lubricating all the moving parts at regular intervals increases the longevity of the door operating system. Regular oiling of garage door components minimizes the wearing process and the erosion. Regular oiling at scheduled intervals reduces erosion and prevents the wearing losses.


Tightening the screws on a regular basis is essential as the movement and vibration of a heavy object like the garage door causes loosening of the screws. Spare batteries should be kept ready in case of low battery power. Low battery power leads to underperformance or no performance of garage door operating system. It should be ensured that no storage items should block the pathway. The sensor eyes of the machinery should not be blocked so that the moving components can move freely. Any sort of block inhibits the normal reception of remote controlled signal system resulting in unsatisfactory performance.


Organic materials such as cobwebs, dirt and leaves get caught up during the year. These things if get caught up in pulleys and springs, lead to jam. This is a common incident if any dense vegetation lies in the vicinity. A regular schedule should be followed to ensure that the garage door components perform perfectly. Such normal wearing actions and lack of regular maintenance hastens the erosion process and leads to huge financial losses and inconvenience. Sometimes in addition to the above losses, the garage owner has to go through psychological stress in case of such unpleasant situations.


A broad range of problems associated with garage door maintenance, adjustment and regularly maintenance lubrication have been discussed in detail to provide a detailed. We extend our customized technical support and solutions at your convenience at your doorstep.

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