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What's So Special About Intellicode?

Garage doors are installed to protect properties from intrusions and not become easy targets. Security is what led many garage door opener manufacturers to extra research in pursuit of the perfect system, which would not allow entrance by strangers. A few decades back, remote controls were transmitting signals to the opener of the same fixed frequency and that made it easy for perpetrators with knowledge of such technical matters to easily gain access to one's garage by copying the transmitted codes and using them later for intrusion.What's So Special About Intellicode?

Genie was one of the first manufacturers who adopted the system of rolling codes and embody it in the garage door opener manufacturing. The encrypted technology, which is used in other applications as well, enabled remotes to transmit signals chosen randomly out of billions of code combinations. This way, stealing the code became impossible and this definitely contributed to the higher level of security.

The great value of the encrypted technology

We have been witnesses to both the pre and after period of the rolling code technology. Garage Door Repair Alhambra has expertise in electric openers and knows well the great value of encrypted technology. One of the main issues regarding electric operators have always been the security they actually provide. Technology has filled that gap efficiently. Today, openers are matched with remotes and designed to work with the same code generator. So, every time the remote is pressed to open the door, it sends an encrypted message to the opener, which is the receiver. The opener receives and recognizes this code and then opens the door. The next time the remote will be pressed again, a new code will be used to notify the opener to open the door and so forth.


Security is ensured because the code already used is useless anymore. Even if someone manages to hack it, it won't be of any use since the door opener will only recognize another new code and since these codes are chosen among four million ones, it is impossible to come up with the next possible combination. Genie has given great emphasis to this system and named this technology used for its opener and remotes Intellicode. It is certainly one of the basic characteristics of all its products and the way people can feel assured that their opener will not only allow them easy access but also safe access. We can help you discover more things about the Genie products or assist you in selecting a new Genie opener system. You can always be sure of your security and of our great knowledge and assistance. Contact us!



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